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Superior Vertical Center Lift

The Vertical Center lift is a safe and affordable solution for vertically lifting rolls of product with fibercores. Custom center lifts are available to handle a variety of other core materials.

Operation of vertical center lift is as follows:
Insert center lift into core until flange hits face of roll. Then lift the center lift, and the mechanical teeth will immediately engage into the core. The teeth cannot be disengaged while supporting the weight of the roll. Once the roll has been maneuvered to the desired position, the next step is removal of the center lift. An easy twist of the knurled knob will disengage teeth from core and the center lift can be removed.

Note: Vertical Center Lift must be hung on an air or electric hoist, and used for vertical lifting only. No horizontal to vertical lifting or tipping.

S3VL 3" 11" 2000 lbs.
S4VL 4" 11" 2000 lbs.
S5VL 5" 11" 2000 lbs.
S6VL 6" 11" 2000 lbs.
S8VL 8" 11" 2000 lbs.
S10VL 10" 11" 2000 lbs.


moving from the core vertical center lift